Our Authors


Leah Townsend

Leah Townsend is a 19 year old freshman at Faulkner University. She is majoring in Forensic Psychology and plans to (hopefully!) pursue a career with the FBI in profiling. She’s really just a fun-loving girl who has a passion for leading people to the One who made them in His image.
Leah is also a preacher’s kid and has the most wonderful, loving, and witty family. She has a brother who is 15, but he is also her best friend. Leah has a pug named Daisy who is the cutest and funniest little thing around.


Garret Woodside

Garret Woodside is 16 year old homeschooler. He has one sister, plays basketball, enjoys playing the piano, and watching movies such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and the Avengers. He works part-time with his Dad’s lanscaping company. He also enjoys doing things with his youth group and spending time with his dog Benji. He has preached some in the past.


Justice Woodside

Justice Woodside is a 20 year old from Tennessee. She has one younger brother/best friend named Garret. Justice is a certified Health Coach and is majoring in biology. Her hobbies include breeding Golden Retrievers, writing, photography, spending time with family and friends, reading, sports, traveling, running, drawing/painting, and hobby filmmaking. Her goal is to use every aspect of her life to help others find and draw closer to God.

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Samuel Hostetter

Samuel Hostetter is a 19 year old from Woodbury, TN. He has an Australian Shepherd named Marbry, two older biological sisters, and two younger, non-biological sisters who he’s very close to. Samuel is currently attending Heritage Christian University, as a second semester freshmen, going for a B.A. in Bible, he plans to use that information to better himself and to use in 1-on-1 bible studies with future coworkers. Plans after Heritage include a year and a half at MTSU to get his A&P (Airframe and Power Plant) License, and go into sheetmetal like his Dad.


Britney Brown


Britney Brown is an eighteen-year-old from Middle TN. An aspiring author, she studies at Motlow State Community College, where she is still determining her vocational goals for the future. As an author, Britney immensely enjoys reading and writing. When her time is not asphyxiated by schoolwork, some of Britney’s other exemplary hobbies include: doing stuff outdoors, riding her horse, riding go-karts, listening to music, watching television/good movies, and caring for their fantastic animals. They currently have three rabbits, a horse, a dog, and a cat. Britney loves her family and enjoys participating in church functions.


Samuel Bain

Samuel Bain is a 22 year old and from Rock Island, TN. He has a pet dog named Bigfoot, as well as three sisters. Samuel is working on his last semester at Tennessee Tech in Cookeville, majoring in business management. His future plans include working and preaching.


Lee Green

Lee Green is a 21 years old who lives in Manchester, Tennessee. He is currently a senior at MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee for a Bachelor’s Degree in History. Once Lee finishes MTSU in the fall, he plans to attend HCU. While he’s there, Lee plans to get a Master of Ministry Degree with an emphasis in Counseling. He also is the full-time minister at Cumberland Academy church of Christ in Hillsboro, Tennessee.

Matthew Carver

Matthew Carver

Matthew Carver is a 17 year old from Easley, South Carolina. He has one younger sister and two younger brothers. He absolutely loves sports and enjoys playing baseball. Matthew has just finished his junior year of high school, and his future plans include majoring in Biology and then becoming a pediatrician. He enjoys speaking and has recently started writing.